Welcome to Cosmetic Laser, Inc. I am a small independently owned business with 10 years experience in hair removal. I am a Liscensed Cosmetic Therapist under the Ohio State Medical Board. I want to make laser affordable for the average income person. I  offer a per treatment charge for hair removal, rather than a “package” that you must pay up front,  for several treatments. Our office has a layed back and private atmosphere to make you feel comfortable. You see only Doctor Salamon and I for your first visit from start to end. A typical first appointment last 30 minutes, which includes paperwork and first treatment. You can count on us for all your hair removal needs. We also provide electrolysis, spider vein removal, mole and brown spot removal, botox injections and microdermabrasion. We also offer a uniques sublative radio frequency face treatment that mimicks the lifestyle lift without the down time.

 The e Matrix by Syneron and Candella is here!
We are seeing great results! Reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, red and brown spots and texture irregularities now.
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Hair Removal

We use a very effective laser machine called the Gentlase made by Candela.com.
We can remove hair anywhere on the body!
Start treatment now and  throw away all your shaving cream and razors!

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