We are a small business specializing in laser hair removal. We are in our in our 9th year of business. We offer a private and personable atmosphere involving my Physcian, Dr. Salamon and I the Licensed Cosmetic Therapist. The Doctor is present for all initial treatments except electrolysis. We have great a great rap-ore with clients and provide  continuity of care  by the same therapist and docotor.  We also offer spider vein removal,mole removal, electrolysis, Botox injection for wrinkles and a skin rejuvenation program, which includes chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Our newest procedure is noninvasive fungus eradication by laser.

What makes us special is that we have made cosmetic enhancements affordable for men and women. Our prices are 1/3 of the industries standards. Our laser pricing is priced by body parts, small 75.00, medium 90.00, large 125.00, extra large 250.00 per treatment. We offer Botox for 300.00 an area and spider vein removal for 250.00 – 400.00.  Noninvasive mole removal for 150-200.00. And our latest procedure of nail fungus removal is 200.00. Everything is a per treatment charge, no big packages to buy upfront.

The second thing that makes us special is our education in this field. I am a Licensed Cosmetic Therapist by the State Medical Board of Ohio. We do electrolysis and laser hair removal .I have a degree in Cosmetic Therapy from Lorain County Community College. We are the experts in the field of hair growth and removal. We know how it grows, why it grows, how to stop it, how to correctly laser it, etc. We are the only group that can run the laser machine without a Doctor being present which allows my hours to be flexible and my prices to be lower, to meet the needs of my clients. RN’s, LPN’s, Estheticians, Physician Assistants all have to have a Physician present to run the laser. I work with Dr. Robert Salamon who is Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. He does all of our hair removal consents, Botox and removal of Spider veins and moles.The third point that makes us special is our state of the art Gentlase Laser Machine made by Candella. These are the same machines the Cleveland Clinic uses. It is the newest technology that requires no messy gels applied to the skin. We laser over dry skin. As we laser, a coolant spray comes down to cool the skin immediately keeping pain to a minimum. The treatment is less painful than electrolysis.
We are located at 8353 Mentor Ave. Close to Rt 615 intersection. Dr. Salamon works Wednesday afternoons, and office hours are Mon, Wed, and Saturdays. Call 440-477-4074 for Free Consultations or information.

Elaine Nelson C.T.