Transgender SRS Specialist

        I have 14 years experience in removing hair from the Transgender Community.  I offer laser for the dark hair and electrolysis for the white, grey or blonde hair. The first start is normally the face for my clientele. I charge a per treatment charge, no “packages”.  I found it to be more affordable for my clients. Initial treatment for the face is $175. That includes a one time $50 fee for the doctor, after that it is $125 per treatment.
The next important and poplar body part is the bikini area for the sexual reassignment surgery. I encourage to start this process as soon as possible. To clear an area for surgery takes anywhere from 18 months to 2 years depending on how much hair you have, how old you are, and what kind of hormone therapy you are on if any? It also depends on if you need both laser and electrolysis to clear an area. Laser does the dark hair and doesn’t pick up the white gray or blonde hair. So then you must do both therapy’s. But this is where you can stretch it out to spend minimal money.  So really as soon as you start hair removal for your face, you should consider starting your bikini soon. I try to be creative with the money, lol, sometimes I do 4 or 5 treatments in a row for the face (all body parts are 6 weeks apart for treatment) and then start the bikini and switch off every 6 weeks, face then bikini.I have ment and have contact with the Endocrinologist, psychiatrist, and SRS surgeons with

Metro Hospital Doctors. 

Cleveland clinic’s surgeon Dr. Unger

Dr. Megan McNamara at the VA Hospital in Cleveland.

I work closely with the surgeon on his or hers preference or pre surgical hair removal. For more information call me 440-477-4074