Elaine Nelson C.T.

Elaine has 30 years experience in the health field. She is a Respiratory Therapist and a Licensed Cosmetic Therapist by the Ohio State Medical Board. In the State of Ohio you must  spend 750 hours in a classroom learning electrolysis to obtain your license.  Our prerequisites includes Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry and Microbiology and a Business class. We are the experts in the field of hair removal. The curriculum in our electrolysis class include Bacteriology for Electrology, Dermatology Pathology, and head neck and shoulder Massage, Principles of electricity and all the theory behind the different modes of electrolysis. Also business management and the laws. When choosing a hair removal place ask what their education and background is. When a Physician is running the laser himself, he most likely had a company representative show him how to set the laser in a very minimal training session. That is why it is important to choose your hair removal place carefully and know the laws in the state you are in. Every state has different laws and some have no regulations or oversight. Don’t be afraid to ask who operates the laser and what their training included.

I have owned and operated Cosmetic Laser Inc. for 14 years. I run a small business and offer you a personable atmosphere. The Doctor and I do all the procedures ourselves so it provides you consistent care and a pleasant experience every time we see you. If every there are any questions we are available by phone immediately,  no “corporate” office to deal with. I love making people happy and this is where I get to do it best! I welcome all phone calls, texts or emails and will give you all the information you need to make your decision without having to leave your home.