My therapeutic massage technique is called Structural Integration. So what is it? But lets back up and start with what caused the pain to begin with.  Has your search for pain relief through conventional medicine left you in pain? You are not alone, many people have chronic pain but MRI and other test come up negative and therapy has little effect on eliminating the pain. This could be because of muscular imbalances and adhesions in the bodies’ tissues causing postural imbalances and decreased blood flow to the tissue. These imbalances can cause pain in one area, while the problem is located elsewhere in the body. Modern medicine treats the area of pain, not always the area that causes the pain.
I am an Exercise Physiologist and a Licensed Massage therapist. The massage discipline I use in my practice is Structural Integration. Structural Integration deals with human suffering that is based on postural structural imbalances. Structural Integration is one of the most powerful therapies in the field. This hallmark approach is a culmination of styles, Cranial-Sacral, Myofacial release and Rolfing. The body has several layers. As we get older, injured, or you have repetitive movement, the layers of the muscles become bound to one another causing structural imbalances and decreased blood flow to the tissue which create these patterns of inefficient movement, which ultimately cause pain. By separating the fascial layers around the muscles and joints the body becomes free moving and balanced, and blood flow is restored to normal resulting in the alleviation of pain and increase in movement.
My job as a Structural Integrationist is to recognize these aberrant patterns and adhesions and release the tension and restore balance. This will alleviate the painful conditions and establish a higher level of performance for the client. The outcome of this art is a body that is more flexible, longer and ultimately freer from the constraints of gravity and pain. The way I describe it, is like walking around in tight shoes all day and when you take them off there is a nice feeling of expansion, blood flow and relief, this is how you should feel after this massage.
I have had great success with planter fascia/foot pain, neck/shoulder, low back, sciatic pain and herniated disc. For appointment call Rocky Nelson 440 477 4696.  Visit for more information. Or find us on FaceBook “Rock House”.

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