We are excited to announce that we are opening a third massage location in Mentor at The Corning White House, located on the corner of RT 20 and RT 615. We are a full service therapeutic and wellness massage service. Our room is ocean themed and feels like a day at the beach. We provide relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, hot rock, essential oils and energy work. Our newest is couples massage that can combine any one of the massages with another and specialize your experience. Our specialty is our Wellness massage that starts with relaxation and is assessed for issues that require structural integration (Deep tissue) for the other half. Or you can combine relaxation with energy work with cranial sacral energy work. A nice experience for a couple to have multiple issues addressed together.
My massage is like no other experience you have had. What sets me apart from others is my extensive knowledge of the human body and how it works. I am an Exercise Physiologist. I have my Masters degree in Exercise science. I have been a college teacher for 18 years teaching Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, and Massage. I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist.
I perform what I call a Wellness Massage. What sets my massage apart from others is that my Massage is a combination of a therapeutic massage using a unique technique, Structural Integration and relaxation techniques which in turn makes this therapeutic massage a much more enjoyable experience for the client.  What is structural Integration? Structural Integration is also known as Rolfing. It is the most effective way to restore normal function and range of motion to every joint in the body. Most people develop joint and muscle pain slowly over a course of time, and they can’t even tell you what they did to cause the source of pain and discomfort. Most Doctors can’t tell you either. They refer to it as arthritis, tendonitis etc. What happens is we use our bodies in the same repetitive motions and it causes muscular imbalances and adhesions, which limit blood flow. Think about it, your job has you looking at a computer or other device all day, and most peoples’ entertainment and communication are done through mobile devices, and then you develop pains in your neck shoulders and back. All this creates muscular adhesions over time, which means the muscular layers are sticking to each other instead of gliding over each other. This is why we get over-use injuries, which do not get better with rest. As we get older it is harder for us to move, bend over, put our shoes on, put our coat on or go up and down stairs etc. The end result of this massage will break up any adhesions in your body, which will increase blood flow to all areas of the body and increases your range of motion and decrease aches and pain.  Blood flow is the name of the game for any type of tissue healing. This should not be confused with other deep tissue massages. In most cases the practitioner only uses more pressure which can traumatize the muscles and actually cause adhesions. My method separates and loosen all the muscles causing them to stay relaxed and not go into a guarded position.
This technique alone can be uncomfortable, so by adding in relaxation techniques it makes a therapeutic massage much more enjoyable and just as effective. My “Wellness Massage” will address issues of muscular imbalances while leaving you totally relaxed and feeling rejuvenated. The way I describe it, is like walking around in tight shoes all day and when you take them off there is a nice feeling of expansion, blood flow and relief, this is how you should feel after this massage. I call it a Wellness Massage because when I come across a structural issue I feel compelled to address it as a health professional. I will be offering several different styles of massage, according to what fits your needs. I incorporate hot rocks and essential oils. It will be a unique experience that feels like no other. And you get the added bonus of having your aches and pains taken away.  The Corning White House 8353 Mentor Ave. Mentor, OH  44060. Cost $225 for an hour and 15 min.
To schedule or need more info call Rocky Nelson MEd, LMT, 440 477 4696.  Visit for more info on Massage  Or find us on Facebook “Cosmetic Laser Inc”.